Monday, August 27, 2012

My Love For Authors Named Sara(h) in Contemporary

So, here are the three ladies that my title is referring to:
That's Sara Zarr, Sarah Dessen, and Sarah Ockler. 

I have read books by all three of these ladies (I've read all of Sarah Dessen's works) and I can never recommend their work enough! Plus, I love fan grilling with anything and everything that has to do with these ladies. They write some of the best contemporary books out there and I think everyone should at one point in their life read each of these authors. 

When I Discovered Sarah Dessen:
The first of the Sarahs that I discovered. I was in the 7th grade at a middle school (IT FEELS LIKE SUCH A LONG TIME AGO, Y'ALL!) when one of my very good friends came up to me and handed me a book. It was called Someone Like You  (and I was like "O.O IT'S ABOUT TEENS WHO GET PREGNANT. I wasn't very open to the reality of teenage pregnancy at that time) it was written by a lady named Sarah Dessen. My friend couldn't recommend her enough. She asked me if I read it everyday until one day, I decided to just read the book! The very next day, I told her how much I had loved it. The next day after that, she brought me every Sarah Dessen book that had been published. Sarah Dessen became a favorite author of mine within hours. I LOVED her books. While they were written about kids older than me, I could still connect with them. I wanted them to be my friends. 

As I got older, I loved Sarah Dessen's books for more reasons: I was around the same age as her characters and I was more mature than I was in the 7th grade. I saw her books in a different light: reality for what it really way. Plus, I had always wanted to be a writer and Sarah Dessen's writing style? Beautiful. 
When I Discovered Sara Zarr:
The same friend who recommended Sarah Dessen recommend a book called Sweethearts. From the cover, it didn't look like much. While she recommended it, I didn't initially check it out. Some time later, I was in the library looking for something-anything really-to read. I was kinda desperate and I didn't have much time. I saw the cover for Sweethearts again and I decided to just check it out!

That night, being the only book I had on hand, I began reading Sweethearts. By school the next day, I had finished the book. Or more accurately, devoured it! IT WAS SO GOOD. Just. Perfect. And maddening. And sad. And wonderful. AND SO MANY EMOTIONS!!! Just, really guys, I loved this book. It was also the first book, besides the HP books, where I LOVED the idea of best friends falling in love. There was just something about this book and that idea that seemed like they were made for each other. Sara Zarr also reminded me of Sarah Dessen...but in her own way, if that makes sense. I couldn't get enough of this author! 

When I Discovered Sarah Ockler:
Blogging. That is how I discovered the amazingness that is Sarah Ockler. Twenty Boy Summer was making it's way around the blogosphere and people just couldn't get enough! I heard so, so many good things about this book that I put it on my "will read much, much later" pile. I had this thing of getting disappointed by hyped up books and I just didn't want Twenty Boy Summer to disappoint. Plus, the title sounded...weird. I mean TWENTY BOY SUMMER?! How many flings are you going to have in one summer? 

But this book. My word. It's so, so, so much more than it's title leads on. 

I don't remember when it was that I decided enough was enough. I was going to read this book and see what all this hype was about. Was it really as good as everyone kept saying it was? It was as good as everyone said it was going to be. Twenty Boy Summer was so, so much more than what I had expected it to be. It was so sad and heartbreaking but reviving and wonderful all the same. It wasn't shallow like how the title made me feel it was going to be. Instead, there was SO MUCH HEART and sorrow and anger and plain wonderfulness. Twenty Boy Summer has become one of my favorite books EVER. Yeah, EVER! 

So. Did this convince you to read these books by these wonderful ladies? They are really, really good and if you have yet to pick up any of these books a) WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! and b) PICK THEM UP RIGHT NOW! NOW! GO TO THE LIBRARY OR BOOK STORE AND GET A COPY OF THESE BOOKS.  

Believe me, y'all, these ladies have written books and characters and settings that will stay in your head long after having read the book. The characters will remind you of yourself or a friend and they will feel REAL. You'll