Friday, August 03, 2012

TGIF(7): Book Olympics

TGIF is hosted by Ginger at GReads! and every Friday, she posts a question that we answer and link up with others!
This week's question: 
Book Olympics: In the spirit of the Olympics, which books would you give the gold, silver, and bronze medals to? It can be from any genre, new or old.
Ginger, WHY DO YOU COME UP WITH SUCH HARD TOPICS?! I decided to be VERY fair, I'm only including 2012 reads! This is a hard one but here they are: 

BRILLIANT. Long after reading this book, not only is it still fresh in my mind, I'm still thinking about it! SO. MANY. EMOTIONS. X1MILLION! 

Going off of Jellicoe Road, we come to this masterpiece. I LOVED this book. I've recommended it to so, so many people. I've always loved fairy tales so this one felt like coming home. 

It was one of those bittersweet moments finishing this book: the last of a favorite trilogy (though there could be more books in this world; I don't know for sure). I was a little disappointed in this one, which is why it got the bronze, but man, I loved it. SO. MANY. EMOTIONS. 

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