Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bloggiesta Sept. 2012

I am a day behind on Bloggiesta! Yesterday my family went out to celebrate something and than today is my mom's birthday so my siblings and I have been busy preparing for dinner tonight! Here is my list!

*Write up reviews for:
     -Babe in Boyland
     -A Breath of Eyre
*Participate in as many challenges as possible:

On a Book Bender's Challenge

Surprisingly, I have already been doing all of these things! Here is my general schedule:

MONDAY: Book Review
TUESDAY: Top Ten Tuesday
WEDNESDAY: Review/Discussion/Miscellaneous 
THURSDAY: Book Review 
FRIDAY: Traveling in YA/Book Review/Miscellaneous 
SATURDAY: Book Review/Old is Gold
SUNDAY: Book Haul & Recap/Stacking the Shelves 

Here is my Blog List aka Planner: 
This is where I write down any specific book reviews I have to post and when. I also write down when I have to post discussion posts so I can have them scheduled. I use this for school as well and seeing everything I have to of at once works wonders for me! 
I've always kept templates on hand so I was happy that Amanda mentioned them! 

Trish from Love Laughter and a Touch of Insanity's Challenge: 

I posted it above actually:
Trish's challenge was to get organized with a Blog Journal and Blog Calendar and I've already been doing it! With the calendar, I write down what ever I want to do at the end of the previous month (at the end of September, I wrote down things for October) and then I go into more details in the weekly areas. 

I have the composition note book for various reasons. If I ever get a discussion topic idea or I read a book, I make a note of it in the book. I have separate pages for all the books I've read this year and pages for all discussion topic ideas. Sometimes I get an idea during class or in the car and I just get the notebook out and write it all down! Here are some images: 
*Yes, I do have bad handwriting! The imagers were taken with my iPad so that's why they're not amazing!*

 Tanya's Discussion Posts List

Wow. She has such a great list of discussion posts that I am going to write down in my journal. Here's a list:
  • Top 10 Favorite Books Read During 2012
  • 10 Favorite YA/ Dystopian/ Paranormal/ Mysteries/ Thrillers etc
  • 10 Books From the "Best of 2012" Lists {On My Reading List} 
  • 5 Books That Almost Made Me Cry This Year

Smash Attack's Website Grader Challenge

Eh, I was scared of this in the beginning but here are my results (I'm just listing what is good and what is bad): 
*85/100 Marketing grade 
*Unique blog post titles and less than 75 characters 
*RSS Feed is easily found
*Blog is easily found
*Not enough alt tags!
*My mozRank is 4 (out of 10)

Book Journey Challenge

Sheila has a great blog and she gave lots of great tips for getting a blog audience and she challenged us to visit 10 blogs! Luckily, I have visited 10 blogs for today!
Well, it looks like this was not my bloggiesta! While I did work on my blog and fix around a few things (which I didn't add to this list; it was in my journal) I didn't get anything else done! 

I've been working on school work all day today so I was pretty much extremely busy!