Thursday, September 20, 2012

Changes and TV and updates!

Wow. I feel as if I'm always writing these posts. I did one on the first day of senior year to talk about the changes that will be coming up on the blog. Now that it's September and I've been in school for a while, I know now how it's going to affect my blogging.

For one, I'm going to change up my blog look and format and all that jazz. Thankfully Bloggiesta is coming up and I've got quiet a list for it. I will be changing up my blog look (yes, I know. But I want a nice, clean look with lots of color!) and even forming a new review template.

I've also decided to continue to not rate books on my blog bur rate them on GoodReads. I've realized that I like it when I see an overall rating, even if the blog itself doesn't have it. So that will take some time but I'm willing to put in to it!

I'm going to spend at least one hour every day during the week to comment on blog posts. My goal is 10-20 blog posts with meaningful comments. It's a good thing I'm a rather fast reader and a fast typer! The sad thing is, my school iPad doesn't allow me to access all the blogs on my reader (it's for school so content is restricted for obvs reasons!) but I'll try my hardest to comment!

More twitters! I've realized that I pretty much tweet one link per post which is...sad. As I've seen with many bloggers, they tweet one post more than 3 times a day seeing as it will easily get lost in the vastness of the twitter verse. So, I will tweet one post several times a day! I'm not sure where I will find the time but if anyone knows a way to schedule my tweets, please let me know!

I haven't been able to finish my own books (this includes review books) for the past 2 weeks because I have been working on English work. We will be reading loads of books this entire school year so I will always be busy! I have come up with a way for me to read a review book, class books, AND a continuos book for the rest of the year! More on that later!

I have also realized I need a break! SO, I will not be posting until next Tuesday with Top Ten Tuesday. I have another segment that I will introduce and that is TV SHOW RECAPS! This is my way of having fun with my blog! I know that Harmony of Radiant Reads will be recapping Vampire Diaries and Once Upon a Time so I will link up to her posts! I will recap Beauty and the Beast here on the blog! Possibly some other shows if I feel like it!
You guys, beginning THIS SUNDAY, tv of awesome is HERE! There are so many shows premiering and returing to TV!
CBS- How I Met Your Mother @ 8 p.m.
CBS- Two Broke Girls @ 9 p.m.
ABC- Castle @10 p.m.
NBC- Revolution @ 10 p.m.
ABC Family- Switched at Birth @ 8 p.m. 
So, all three of these are shows I generally don't watch. I know! I like Castle but I can never watch the episodes when it comes on! I think I might DVR Two Broke Girls and Castle since I know most of what happened. As for HIMYM, I watch it occioanlly. Seems like this might be the last season so I might watch a little more than usual! Switched at Birth and Revolution have both already started!
NBC- Go On @ 9 p.m.
FOX- New Girl @ 9 p.m.
YOU GUYS! Matthew Perry aka CHANDLER! AND Zooey Deschanel!!!!
CW- Vampire Diaries @ 8 p.m.
CW- Beauty and the Beast @ 9 p.m.  *I will recap on blog!*
Ian Somerhalder guys. Ian offing Somerhalder!!!! And B&B being my favorite fairy tale, I am willing to give this a chance because a) it's B&B and b)LANA and c) the guy is kinda hot so why not? It will probably suck but ah well!
ABC Family- Once Upon a Time @ 8 p.m. 

So, nothing it seems on Wednesdays and Fridays which is all good with me!