Saturday, October 06, 2012

No More Love Triangles PLEASE!

I’m pretty sure everyone who reads (or watches TV or movies) knows what a love triangle is so I’m not going to take time to explain it. In YA, there is ALWAYS a love triangle present. The majority surrounds a girl who is torn between two guys. But I’m not the biggest fan of most of these love triangles. Besides the fact that it is technically considered cheating (in my opinion), they are overdone and not realistic at all. More so, they’re not really good love triangles. I have three simple reasons as to why I can’t stand most of them:

1) Not realistic:

I don’t think I have ever really seen a YA type love triangle in real life. In YA, the majority of the time both of the guys who are involved with the same girl know of the other. It’s the whole “alpha” guy thing. For example, Jace knows about Simon (even if it’s not really a love triangle), Ren *I think* knows about Shane, and so on. But my question is: do they ever fight the other? In real life, the closest thing to a love triangle I’ve seen is when a girl (or guy) dates two guys at the same time. Lets take a guy who is dating two girls at a time, though, since it’s less common.

  • From what I’ve seen, if one of the girls finds out about the “other girl,” they will attack in some sort of way. Whether it be through words or looks or even fists, most girls will not be okay with her boyfriend dating another girl. Love triangles in real life aren’t as wonderful as they are in book.

But you say: that’s the thing about books. Unrealistic things can be a part of book. I agree. But does it have to be in seemingly every single book? It goes really well with my second point:

2) A love triangle is added to second book to move plot but nothing else

You know this is true. It happens all the time and I’m so tired of it. Really, honestly tired. Unless the new guy actually has a chance, I know that he or she is there just to move the plot forward. Maybe add a climax or something. Yet I’m not to sure how much this actually helps. Sure it creates tension but most of the time, it takes away from the real plot. The girl will become too focused on which guy to choose to worry about saving the world.

Also, I think it is ridiculous to say that it’s okay for a girl in a book to kiss one guy in one scene and another some other time. And no, most girls don’t do this all the time in high school. I understand the need to date people in high school but I personally don’t see why one person needs to date two people at the same time. I my opinion, this is wrong. Someone will honestly get hurt and to say that it’s the character’s way of getting to know him or herself better is almost selfish.

3) It’s not really a love triangle

Yes, there are two love interests and the protagonist is seemingly stick between them. But this doesn’t make it a triangle. In my opinion, it’s a love triangle when both love interests have a chance with the protagonist. That is what makes a good love triangle and it seems to be very rare. As a reader, do you have a hard time trying to figure which love interest is the best one for the protagonist? Is one guy there for more than just a plot twist? Or is he simple there to highlight the traits of the other love interest? Those are the questions I ask when I see a love triangle to determine how I feel about it. I don’t want to be able to decide who I want the protagonist to be with within pages.

I’ve noticed that the new guy (or girl) is introduced in the worst way possible. Sometimes during the “climax” of the book or one of the guys is a complete jerk. Here are some examples:

Mortal Instruments: 

When Simon is introduced, he is Clary’s best friend and pretty much a nerd. Clary doesn’t think of him as anything but a best friend. Jace on the other hand is introduced as a badass fighter who is gorgeous and a bad boy, completely irresistible. Clary is infatuated with him on sight. Simon never had a chance now did he?


We don’t even meet Ren to know that Calla doesn’t care for him. He’s a jerk and a total not-hot bad boy and he apparently doesn’t care for Calla. On top of that, it’s an arranged relationship with no one would want. Shane automatically becomes the perfect choice. I haven’t read the books but this is what I’ve heard.

The Hunger Games: 

Ah, yes. The infamous love triangle. In the beginning, there isn’t much love between Katniss and Gale or Katniss and Peeta. Katniss and Gale are strictly best friends and Katniss only pretends to be in love with Peeta. As the story progressed, one of them fell of the face of the earth and well, we knew who she would end up with.

Firelight trilogy:

 I have yet to read Vanish or Hidden but I did read Firelight. For the beginning, Cassian is the bad guy. Jacinda is supposed to be with him but her sister is in love with Cassian. Cassian is the jerk and the reader will begin to dislike him. Jacinda ends up falling in love with a human boy, who compared to Cassian is the better choice. I have no idea what happens or whom Jacinda is going to be with but we can guess can’t we?

So, there they are. Three simple reasons as to why I don’t like most love traingles. Some I know and I’ve heard are good:

Summer Trilogy: 

Jeremiah or Conrad? I honestly didn’t know.


I haven’t read this but everyone is saying that the MC could be with either boy!

I’m sure there are more but these two are the only two that pop out to me. Now, it’s your turn.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?