Thursday, October 04, 2012

Traveling in YA: Italy!

Today, we are traveling to:

The Eternal City aka Rome and Italy in general 

Italy is such a great county that has so much rich history! From fights to the Pope to Rome and the Roman Gods to the canals of Venice, Italy would be such an amazing place to visit! You not only get amazing food form there (pizza, spaghetti) but you also get THE OLYMPICS! And who can forget THE Leonardo da Vinci?! But that's not all! Italy is also a great place to study and they are quiet on top of the fashion world so you can always go shopping there! 

The Books:

And if all of that wasn't enough, here are some amazing sites to see around Italy that might get you even more excited to visit! 

Sites to See

Fontana di Trevi, Rome  
Colosseum, Rome 
Palazzo Pitti, Florence 
Ponte Vecchio at night, Venice  
Heart of Italy, canals, Venice