Sunday, November 18, 2012

YallFest aka Awesomeness Recap

So, on November 10, 2012, I was able to drive down to Charleston, South Carolina to attend YallFest! This was the second year it happened and I was unable to visit last year.  

I was super excited to be able to go. I arrived around 10:30 and I immediately made a list of authors I wanted to see. I had to leave at around 4 so I was unable to meet various authors. I was also unable to go to any panels but maybe next year! 

Now for the fun part: THE AUTHORS! I met so many delightful, wonderful, authors and I was very much in shock. This was my very first author event and the fact that I was able to meet the likes of Stephanie Perkins and David Levithan blows my mind!

Here are some pics which will tell a better story*:

The Books I took to yallfest that got signed 


He was leaning in to take a pic with me. I cropped myself out! I had ordered a copy of Darsh and Lily's but it didn't come in on time so I bought Will Grayson at YallFest! 


I owned all three of her books and she is so sweet you guys! 


She had a poster of all three of the brothers from the trailers holding their books! She also gave away purple pens! 

Beth Revis

Totally sweet and she said she remembered my from Twitter! 

Stephanie Perkins

On Twitter, I told Stephanie Perkins I'd give her a hug and when I introduced myself as Kailia from Twitter SHE KNEW WHO I WAS AND SHE GAVE ME A HUG! I on the other hand could not BELIEVE she remembered me and I gave her the world's most awkward hug. She even talked to me about Isla when I asked her about it. While she said she's still writing it and having trouble falling back in love with Paris, it's going to happen. I loved that she cared so much about the actual product and not just to make money off of it. Her passion and amazing personality really, really came out you guys. Stephanie Perkins has to be one of the nicest people I've EVER met!

Ellen Hopkins

There are no words to describe what it's like to meet Ellen Hopkins. She's one of the most censored authors of our time and her books are brutally honest. I love them all so much. She took some time to talk to me about an award for fighting censorship she's getting. She's so nice and down to earth. 

Cassandra Clare

I felt so bad for her guys becuase she had HUGE lines ALL DAY LONG. The lines moved quickly and we talked a little with her. She and another lady were taking a tally of our fave characters (Magnus). She and I even discussed what happened to my City of Ashes book (I have NO idea.) 

Elizabeth Eulberg

Elizabeth Eulberg is VERY cool. We discussed how much I loved her books, especially Lonely Heart's Club, which got us talking about The Beatles and she showed me her awesome phone cover! 
Siobhan Vivian, Kimberly Derting, and Holly Black
I didn't have books for these ladies but I get meet them all but Kimberly; her line was INSANE and well deserved! 

Bloggers I met: 
  • Tara of Hobbitsies: she is so sweet you guys! I hung out with her for a while and I might have a) bugged her a lot and b) scared her a little bit. (Sorry Tara, I just thought you were cool!) 
  •  Lizzie of ElizzieBooks: is so nice! 
  • Angela of Reading Angel: is gorgeous and sweet and awesome! 
  • Kelsey: she gave me a hug and she's so beautiful
  • I also saw brothers Jeremy and Jeffrey from Novel Thoughts but I wasn't able to say hi!
  • I totally saw Gayle Forman in passing and she is like...beautiful. 
  • I also saw Michelle Hodkin and I sadly wasn't able to get a picture with her as she had to go to her panel. 
  • I ate the best Red Velvet cupcake EVER. 
  • I fall in love with Charleston every time I go there. 
  • My shoulders hurt SO MUCH that night but man, it was SO worth it. 
Overall, it was AMAZING! Next year I hope to go see authors I didn't get to meet this year and also to go to some of the panels! 

*I cropped myself out of pics for safety purposes. I don't post pics of myself on blog related things! Also, all the black boxes on the book pics is my name which I have removed!