Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013: Resolutions and More

As of yesterday, I am now 18 and legally an adult. While I have more responsibility now, as my family tells me, it doesn't feel much different.

I was going to post yesterday about my blogging resolutions but I realized that I only have one blogging resolution:

I am going to tackle blogging with no resolutions. I'm going to enjoy blogging and reading and it will not be a chore. 

I didn't enjoy 2012 as much with all the goals I set so this year, I am changing it. I've come to realize that I am a people pleaser. It makes life very hard for me and it shows not only on the blog but my real life. I took about one hour to plan out the entire month of January. I wrote down when I wanted to post what and I'm hoping to go through with it. But if I don't? No biggie.

I don't want to participate in meme as filler posts. I want to love every post, even a negative review. I want to enjoy blogging and not feel guilty when I don't post. 

I want to please myself with the effort I put into this blog. 

As I've realized, I am better at tweeting and blogging when I enjoy it. There are some exceptions, as usual: 

1) Read 150 books in 2013

This is kind of a joke but kind of a BIG challenge. In 2012, I read 82 books. SO close to my goal of 100 but I didn't make it. With senior year almost over and the summer ahead of me, I'm hoping to get a lot more read!

2) Get Healthy 

This isn't one of those losing weight only things (but it is part of it). I really do want to eat better and get off my ass. I need to move a lot more!

3) Enjoy life and everything I do

See? Only 3 real goals which I hope to keep up with it! My good friend came up with the idea of a 2013 jar! I take a random jar and put "2013" on it. Any time something good happens, I'll write it down  on a sheet of paper and put it into the jar! At the end of 2013, I'll take out all the papers and see all the little jems 2013 had! 

What about you all? What are your goals?