Monday, January 21, 2013

BBC+Period Dramas+Other Things=Awesome

Yes, the post title is beyond weird BUT it was what came to mind when I first had this idea.

I don't know if you all know this but I LOVE BBC* (British Broadcasting Corp.) and the majority of the shows they have! I mean, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and the original The Office (the American version was based off of this one) are all shows that the BBC has.

But they also have miniseries and regular series. Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy anyone? Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South? Sense and Sensibility? And those are just the few shows the BBC has.

I recently watched Charles's Dicken's Little Dorrit. It's got 14 episodes, all but 2 that are 30 minutes and it was fantastic! I have not read the book yet but after watching the show, I know I will read it soon. The thing I loved about Little Dorrit was not only the acting, but the directing and producing and scenery and well, everything, was wonderful. I watched it in a single day, in a single siting.

Everything about this show was perfect! And that is when I got this idea!

Why not feature all of these shows and mini series and review them on the blog? Many of them are based on books anyways so why not? I could, if possible, try and read the book and review it also! Yet another aspect: some shows, like Robin Hood, that have YA books on the same topic. While sure, they're not the same but why not?

So. I'm going to do it.

Occasionally, I'll post reviews of one of their series (mini or regular) and maybe even a review of the book it's based on (if applicable).

I haven't thought of a name or anything but it might become a monthly feature! I'm not aware of any such features anywhere so it's just for my blog!

What do you guys think?

*And all of it's branches like BBC One