Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How Do I Comment More?

For the past hour, as I was commenting on blogs (yay!), a war of "yes, write it" and "no, don't write it" has been going on in my head. This is a very a very spontaneous blog post but the topic is one I have been thinking about lately.

While school should be winding down, the end of the year is when teachers like to load on a lot of work for us students. At least, that is how it is with my school. But this year, I have no exams as part of my senior privileges. But I do have gradation and prom and everything that goes along with that. And while I may not have any exams, I can’t let my grades falter this semester. Time is very limited for me, honestly, but I love blogging. I love the community. But I have a confession to make:

While I will read a blog posts, I rarely leave comments.

I desperately want to change this. I’ve tried various things, from subscribing to my favorite blog via e-mail to giving myself an hour or two to simply comment on blogs. Nothing seems to work though. Last year, we were giving iPads at school and while I should be using it for school, I would find time to check Google Reader. I had bookmarked what blogs I could open on my iPad through the security in place and if I ever had time during class, I would comment on the blog. Even that has stopped, even though I have plenty of time in most classes.

But as I was scrolling through my Feedly today, I found that I liked commenting on reviews of books more than anything else, even meme posts. While I don’t participate in any memes anymore, I still comment on memes but only on certain blogs. Giveaway, guest posts, and other posts are ones I rarely check out unless it’s a wrap up post like Keeping Up with the Blogopshere.

I also noticed something else: I didn’t comment on every single review post by every single blog I follow. I have become so increasingly picky about what blogs I post on regularly that the list has dwindled to about 5. Yes. There are 5 blogs I check every. Single. Day. Only 5. That is such an incredibly sad number when I consider that I follow only about 80 ish blogs.

Yet the biggest issue is when I've read the blog post, no matter what it is, and I have nothing to say.
Even in many discussion posts, I've found my mind goes blank. How is this possible? I ask myself everyday. Especially with discussion posts where I'm supposed to give MY opinion.
Barney does it best. Source 
I have become so incredibly frustrated with myself and these habits that I am reaching out to you all!

I need help in commenting more. Has anyone gone through this? Does anyone know how I could try and comment more? Or more importantly, how do YOU decide what blog, what post you want to comment on? Do you have a list of blogs that you comment on no matter what?