Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My Book Blogging Quirks

Over the years, I've realized that I've developed several "quirks" about myself and book blogging. I was thinking about them today and I began to wonder if you all had quirks too. So here are some of mine:

1) I write all of my posts in a word document. 

I actually write (type) every single review/discussion post in a word document that I later copy and paste into the blogger window. It sounds really weird but after I’ve created my template for a review (i.e. title and link, publisher, synopsis), I always turn to my “Review” word document where I type up my review. I have tried numerous times to just type my review in the blogger window but I NEVER get past the first paragraph.

2) I HAVE to like the font I’m writing in. 

At this moment, I’m typing this in my “review” word document and as I scroll through it, I’ve got about 5 different fonts and various colors. I always have the title of the book and author in bold and in one font. The review for that book will be in black and in another font. For some reason, if I don’t like the font for a certain review, I’ll change it until I find one I like. I wrote my last 3 reviews in 3 different fonts.

3) My word document has to be zoomed in more than 150% but less than 200%. 

While my font will actually be only 12, it looks larger because I’ve zoomed my document. Currently, my document is at 200% zoom. I NEVER go over 200% but I NEVER go less than 150%. But this is the case only for my reviews/discussions.

4) My review format has to follow Serif-Sans Serif or vise versa. 

If the book title and author are in a sans serif font, the review HAS to be in a serif font or vise versa. That is how my blog is set up. Titles are usually in sans serif and text is usually in serif. That is actually easier for your brain to comprehend and easier to read.

5) I talk out loud as I type. 

No matter what review or discussion post it is, over the years I’ve begun saying what I want to type out loud. I am even saying these words out loud just as I type them. I feel kind of silly but that is just how I am.

6) My reviews vary in tone of voice. 

If you read through about 10 of my reviews, you’ll notice a change in each one. The tone of my voice is different in almost each one. I’ve found that if I’m in a good mood, even if the book is one I didn’t like, I have a light, fun tone to it. I’m not mocking but the writing is more conversational. Yet if the book made me cry or think or rage, whatever mood I’m in at that moment seeps into my review. My review of Jellicoe Road has an “awed” yet “sad” tone because not only was I blow away by that book but I also cried while reading it.

7) I always have music playing in the background. 

This one is pretty much a MUST. I have to have music playing in the background because I’m one of those people that doesn’t really like silence while I’m writing a review. The volume is usually very low so that it’s not too loud (where it becomes distracting) but not too low either (where I can’t hear it in the background).

8) I never write one review/discussion in one sitting. 

As I said, on a normal basis I don’t like silence and along those same times, I don’t like sitting still. Even when I’m asleep, I tend to move around in my bed. When I’m sitting in class, I might slouch for a few minutes but sit up straight the next. For example, I began writing this post at about 8:30 and I got up and got some water and read some of my book and now I’m back to writing. Or I’ll get up and dance around my room.

9) I rarely schedule a review. 

This is pretty much the worst aspect about my blogging but it’s true. As I’ve tried to be better at this, I always fail. I think it’s because I tend to be very spontaneous when it comes to my blogging. Plus, I like being in control at the moment, if you get what I mean.

10) I rarely write a review for a book I have JUST finished. 

I usually have to take at least a day to fully understand how I felt about a certain book before I can write up my review. After I’ve read the book, I jot down some ideas in my blogging notebook and I move on. Surprisingly I rarely forget what I want to talk about in my review but its been known to happen.

And there are 10 blogging quirks I’ve learned about myself.