Thursday, May 09, 2013

Nostalgia: TV Shows From My Older Years

Well, I posted about the shows I used to watch when I was much younger but I'm here today to tell you about 7 shows I watched in the older elementary school years all the way though middle school. 

So here are the shows from my older year

Dawson's Creek was a show I stumbled upon when I was in the fifth grade and while that may seem young, I've always been a little more mature for my age. Any hoo, not only were the guys in the show cute, I liked the overall plot for the show. There was drama and romance and growing up and mischief. I think this show fits the "new adult" thing, don't you?

Oh Veronica Mars how I've missed you. The snark, the acting, the characters, the plot. Everything about this show is amazing! I'm going to resume my re-watch of the show after this Thursday (only exam for senior year!) I'm also dying to see the movie! 

Is there an explanation needed as to why I loved this show? Gilmore Girls has some of the best writing and character growth and plot I've seen for a long time. I remember connecting to Rory because we were both smart and awaked and nerdy. Sure I'm not as smart as she is but I loved her character. Lorelei Gilmore was the kind of woman I wanted to be when I was older and this coming from my middle school years (it's in syndication!) I didn't want to get pregnant at 16 of course but Lorelei was such a strong, independent, modern woman that I always thought she was cool. She was flawed and imperfect but that is what made her so real. 

Superman honestly has never been a favorite superhero of mine. I grew up hearing about him but it wasn't until I began watching Smallville that I actually fell in love. I thought Tom was pretty cute and well, he could fly. He was super strong. He was cute. Besides that though, I liked some of the other characters, especially his parents, and I liked the overall plot arc for the show! 

I was introduced to Charmed in like the 4th grade and it ended in 2006 so I had a little over two years of viewing. Luckily it was in syndication so I was able to catch up. Let's get this out there: I'm a scared-y cat. While this show wasn't that scary, I was in the 4th grade and pretty much everything was the WORST. By this time I was HUGE addict of Harry Potter and well, Charmed had magic! At that time, it was all it took. But after a season, I absolutely adored the characters and I remember when Pru died. That was sad. 

I'm not going to go into why I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer to this day. 

Of all the shows I have on this post, Supernatural was the one show I began from the very beginning. Heck, I even remember all of the previews the WB (yep. I remember when the CW was the WB!) showed before the show began. I stayed with Sam and Dead until the end of season 3 after which I began the 8th grade and moved here to SC. Besides the fact that both Dean and Sam were super cute (what was with me? Every good looking was cute until I learned that guys could be "hot."), I loved watching shows and movies that would scare the heck out of me. As I said, I was always a scared-y cat but it was Supernatural that changed it all. I pretty much watched every single episode of season 1-3, terrified but my eyes glued to the TV. I always waited for the 8 PM time slot (wasn't it 8?) when this show would come on. The folklore and creatures on this show scared me but intrigued me at the same time. 

So what do you all think of this list? I know for a fact that many of you will know a few, if not all, of the shows I mentioned here. Besides the fact that I used the word "cute" to describe all of the guys I found good looking, did any of my reasons for watching (and loving) these shows resemble your reasons?