Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Love Weird Names

1) Some common names 

I don't share my real name on the internet and Kailia Sage is a pen name I used when I wrote fan fiction. For the longest time, I thought I'd use my real name online. But then I realized that if people couldn't pronounce my name in real life, how would they get it online? So I went with Kailia Sage.

But after various posts about weird names, I realized something: I LOVE weird names.

Yep. I love weird names.
this is the best emma stone gif
Emma Stone gif because why not?
The harder to pronounce, the better. The more unique, the better. Why some of you may ask? Because I've gone my entire life so far with people not being able to pronounce my (real) name. When I see a character with a name that's different, I love it. I feel less alone in the world.

For me, it's also a great show of diversity. Think about it. How many Katies, Johns, and Annes are there in the ENTIRE WORLD? Yes, many countries have English* names now too (like you could be Julie Chen) but not all of them do. For example, I'm an Indian American but my name is Indian and it means "eyes."

I hate when people say names like Katniss**, Peeta, Cato, Aria, Akira, Hermione, Narcissa, and well anything else that isn't a normal, English name. I don't want more Katies, Johns, and Annes. I want more diversity because hell, with diversity of cultures comes diversity of names.
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2. My reaction when someone tells me they don't like a name that isn't common.
Saying a name is "weird" can be offensive and hurtful. If you can say that "brown haired/ brown eyed" girls shouldn't be told they're ugly, you can not say that a name that isn't one you've heard before is "weird." I get so frustrated when people say that they wish names like Katie, John, and Anne would come back. I say: NO.

For me, someone with a name that isn't even common in India, I feel like I'm an annoyance to those who can't say my name. If my name, one that is hard to pronounce, is weird, I could be a pet peeve too right?

Believe it or not, names like Katie, John, and Anne are hard for other people to pronounce too. These names might be an annoyance to people in Asia or Africa or South America.

I'm not saying that weird names shouldn't be pet peeves. After all, what one person likes might not be liked by everyone. Hell, I know not everyone is going to agree with me and that's okay. My main point is: think about the significance of a name before you toss it out. 

I honestly don't mean to offend anyone and I'm not going to hate you because weird names bug you (some names bug me too) but I just wish people would think a little into why the character was given the name. And why not put in a little extra work to learn the pronunciation?

*When I say English, I mean names ver popular in English speaking countries like England and the United States. 

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