Sunday, August 11, 2013

Two Week Hiatus!

I hate doing this to you guys but I'm going to anyways.

I'm taking a 2 week hiatus. No, it's not because I'm tired of blogging or anything but simply, I'm going to be moving here in less than 48 hours and well, I need to prepare:
My university! 
No, I won't say what my university's name is but yes: I AM GOING TO UNIVERSITY! (Or college. Or whatever!)

I'm leaving my house for the first time in my life to actually live in a new place. Like, I'll be here for (possibly) the next four years of my life. It's scary and exciting and...yeah. 

Which is why I'm taking the break! I'll be moving into my dorm room on Tuesday and welcome week will begin on the 16th (I get to move in early because of this program I got in to!) and classes on the 21st! 

But fear not: I've got reviews and discussions posts and the re-intro to an old feature I haven't had on the blog for a while! I'll also be creating a new blogging schedule and no, there won't be posts everyday. But there will be a new intro to a feature (inspired by Sarah Dessen's) every Friday which will allow you all to know how I am doing in college! I'm taking the quality over quantity route!