Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Am I Missing?

You know when you read a book that just about everyone else in the blogosphere has already read and loved...but you don't? Yeah. I feel like I get this ALL the time. I have no idea what is it but I end up not liking certain books. I'm always wondering if I read a different version than most people. Like, what about these books did they like but I didn't? As the title implies, what am I missing?

Here are some of the books I've DNFBWL (did not finish but will later) or read but didn't like but I'm not sure I'll give these books another chance:

  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Also, the second the guy comes around, all the MC can do is think about him. After his introduction, it's all about himhimhimhimhim. Verdict: I will give it another go. 
  • Shatter Me: The writing was terrible annoying becuase I couldn't handle the bad weird scratch outs. I mean, really. And like DoSaB, the plot veered all towards the romance once the love interest was introduced. Plus, why is it a good idea for random, unnecessary similes -->“My eyes break open. Two shattered windows filling my mouth with glass.” Verdict: Nope. Not going there. 
  • The Girl of Fire and Thorns: "I'm fat. FOOD. FOOD. FOOD. I'm fat. I'm ugly. FOOD. FOOD." As far as I got, that is all Elisa talked about. For me, she was utterly annoying and just ugh. And yes, I did give it up a little less than half way but I really couldn't do it. Maybe I should have stayed longer for her "transformation" but I just couldn't do it. Verdict: No.
  • Shadow and Bone: People make no big deal about the inaccuracy borrowed from Russian culture but hell if someone gets the American culture wrong, they'll bright up a storm. It's ridiculous. For example, Alina Starkov is the main character but it should be Alina Starkova. This could be easily researched and it made me really upset. And also: the characters were boring and bland and I'm going to stop now. Verdict: No. 
  • Losing It: I read this one before it got picked up (it was like 3 days before) and once it was, I was shocked. The writing was bad, the MC was annoying and reminded me of a 16 year old and to a 22 year old, the whole plot was rather bad (sorry, but it's not okay to date your professor). But everyone loves this book! What did I miss? Verdict: Will not continue the series. (My review)
  • Easy: Okay. I get why people loved this book. In one essence, anyway. And maybe I'm just not the right audience for it but really, I don't get it all the way. Some said this book was realistic but for me, it was only partially true. Landon/Lucas was such a perfect guy that I couldn't believe a guy like him exists. We can always wish but not really. Verdict: I actually will read other books by this author. (My review

So, what about you all? Anyone feel this way? Maybe not about the books I mentioned above but other books that are rather popular. 

*Images from Goodreads