Monday, October 07, 2013

A Call for Books, A Call for Help

Hello everyone! How's it going?

I'm going to begin this post by stating a disclaimer: I don't usually have posts like this on my blog. No one paid me to make this post. This is all done by me.

Now that it's all said and done, I'd like to ask you (yes, you!), dear reader, to do me a favor. Look around your bedroom or study or any room in your house and tell me how many books you find there. You might have one book around or maybe five or maybe even ten! Now when I look around my dorm room, I have seven books from home and various other textbooks scattered here and there.

Well, children here (where I go to school; for privacy reasons, the name will not be stated on this post) in South Carolina have less than one book per household. Actually, I have a statistic for you: 1 in 300 kids here have at least one book in their house.

1 in 300 kids have at least one book in their house. 

Now I ask you to think back to when you were in elementary school. Did you have books in your house? I bet if you're reading this post, you either had books in your house or ways to get books to read. 

The children here don't have that privilege. It's a very poor school district where my university is located. For one of my classes, we have to donate books as a class and one day, we go and read these books to elementary school kids. But I wanted to do more for them. I HATED the fact that so many children didn't have books of their own when I am so fortunate to have so many.  

Which is where you lovely, amazing people come in. We're all part of a community that loves books and we all want to promote literacy and reading. I need your help. These kids need your help. 

All I am asking is for you to donate any gently used books you might have lying around that you no longer need. 


*No board books 
*All books must be age appropriate (6-10 years old) 
*No religious books any kind!
*Gently used or new! They should be in good condition! 
The last day for me to receive books is OCTOBER 28! Please send books so they can arrive by October 28!