Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: Truth or Dare by Jacqueline Green

Truth or Dare by Jacqueline Green
Release Date: July 1, 2013
Publisher: Little, Brown 
Source: NetGalley via Publisher 
Some say the seaside town of Echo Bay is cursed. They may be right. When a game of truth or dare spins out of control, three beautiful teen girls start receiving mysterious dares containing hints to dark secrets long buried. For artsy outcast Sydney Morgan; perfect, popular Caitlin "Angel" Thomas; and queen bee Tenley Reed, the truth is not an option.

This is no party game-it's do or die.

And it's their turn to play.
When I first heard about this book, I thought of Pretty Little Liars. Echo Bay sounds like Rosewoods and the girls like Spencer, Emily, Hanna, and Aria (obviously, sans one). Obviously, there are differences but for me, Truth or Dare seemed too much like Pretty Little Liars to take it seriously. Furthermore, I couldn't help but compare the two books when it came down to it. So in turn, I didn't like Truth or Dare as much as I had hoped to like it.

For one, I didn't completely hate the characters but they were so incredibly stereotypical that I was often annoyed by them. Sydney, Caitlin, and Tenley did some stupid things throughout the book and their motivations weren't justifiable enough. Really, I couldn't care for any of the girls so the consequences of the dares were lost on me. Even more, all of the characters (even our main characters) cared for their public image and who was dating who and what party people were invited to. They came off very self centered and who likes a character like that?

Along with the characters, the plot wasn't the best either. While having numerous plot lines made sense, the pace was bad. At over 400 pages, the story dragged and it took me over a week to finish this book. That my friends, is rare. And the secrets the girls desperately wanted to hide? Half of them were incredibly silly. A few made sense but the majority of them didn't.

But I liked the setting a lot. Echo Bay was the stereotypical small town with secrets but for some reason, it was my favorite part of this book. The history and the mystery surrounding the town itself was intriguing and I always wanted to know more. I especially liked The Lost girls and the story behind them. Jacqueline Green's writing was solid and easy to read and I absolutely loved how she described the town. 

Overall, Truth or Dare had a mystery that wasn't really a mystery (I knew who the darer was early on in the story) and the characters weren't the best. Jacqueline Green's writing was good and easy to read and her depiction of Echo Bay was one of my favorite aspects of this novel.  
Cover Comments: 
Boring. Boring. Boring. But I like the colors.