Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blogs I Love!

I'm all about the blogger love and I love finding new blogs to read. As I've slowly delved into the world of Adult books last year, I've found that there are certain blogs I love going to to find recommendations. So here are some blogs I love that I think YOU should try out!
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G Reads!

I've followed Ginger's blogs for years not but somewhere in the realm of all the other blogs I follow, I ended up not reading it as often. But I've found myself back to her blog and boy am I glad I did! Ginger has a great mix of adult and YA book reviews and they're always thoughtful and so much fun to read. You really get a feel for how she felt about the book and I always appreciate that! But her discussion posts are amazing too. For example, a recent post, GReads! Interrupted: Holiday Edition, Ginger shares some holiday music, crafts, books, and more. Her post, A Letter to My Mother, written on the 10th anniversary of her mother's passing had me in tears.

The Book Barbies

I LOVE Sharon and Racquel. I talk to both girls on Twitter and I'm often scouring their blog for more adult romance books to read. They, like Ginger, have a great mix of adult and YA book reviews and their blog is just so much fun to read. Plus, both girls have such distinct voices and personalities and it's really fun to read their separate posts but also their joint posts. This past Christmas, Sharon posted lots of fun Christmas themed posts as part of her Fortnight of Festivities. And if you're looking for any adult romance novels to read, don't go any farther than this blog. The girls love a good romance novel and their love for this genre shines. Of course, they also review young adult books as well so it's a great package!

Good Books and Good Wine

Does anyone not know April in the book blogging world? From having almost 500 (or did she pass that?) reviews posted on her site to posting almost daily, April and her two co-bloggers Allison and Cassie made Good Books and Good Wine a blog anyone would want to read and re-read! If there's anything I love about this blog, I love that these ladies review not only young adult novels but adult and middle grade novels too. Not only that, but they mix it up by reviewing audio books as well. April also came up with her 15 Days Book Blogging Challenge , one that I have not participated in but I might this year! April's also no afraid to speak her mind as she showcases in posts such as  Relax, it's NOT a Competition and Dude, You TOTALLY Have time to Read. She's also an unabashed fan of Marcus Flutie so it makes her an automatic awesome person! I'm also a big fan of her post on Legitimacy, Professionalism And Book Blogging and I think that anyone who is a book blogger should read it!  

So Obsessed With

You have no idea how happy I was when I stumbled across this blog. I'd heard some things about Hannah's blog but I'd never actually read it. So I read some reviews and I liked it enough to subscribe to it via Feedly. And then earlier this year, I came across her post about Collecting Pride and Prejudice and I subscribed to her via email. Like, the second I finished reading the post, I put in my email.  Let me tell you, I NEVER subscribe to a blog via email. I prefer to have the blogs on my sidebar but it's rare that I'll email subscribe. And here's proof of my love for Hannah's blog: 
So I can read and reread
She's a Pride and Prejudice/Janeite guys! I LOVE Pride and Prejudice so it's nice to find someone else who's as obsessed as I am. AND she loves classics and wants others to read them too and she loves costume dramas and she wrote an amazing post on Pride and Prejudice's 200th Anniversary  and basically, Hannah's AMAZING. But, um, her book reviews are good too (actually, they're amazing but you get the idea!) and she's just got an amazing blog. 

Shae Has Left the Room

I've been a fan of Shae's since she was blogging at Bookshelvers Anonymous  and I loved her discussion posts such as Shelver's Confessions and More Shelver Confessions . As a non fan on New Adult, I loved reading her posts centered around this new "genre": New Adult; or There Be Rough Waters Ahead Matey and The New Adult Category Revisited. Both posts make strong arguments for New Adult and have lots of snark, which I love! Holiday Celebrity Gift Guide is FANTASTIC. Featuring the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hiddleston,Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Armitage, David Tennant, and more, you can scroll through and find books based on the celebrity! It's like the best post I've read in a long, long time guys. Also, Shae's blog is one of the other email subscribed blogs for me so you know it has to be amazing ;).

Ivy Book Bindings 

Keertana's blog is one blog is one of my all time favorite. I've read almost all of her posts and I check her blog every morning. She reads super fast and have reviews ups almost daily. I'm always in awe at Keertana's ability to write such beautiful reviews. Literally every review she's written has either made me want to read the book or skip it. Really, her long, wonderfully written reviews make my heart happy. I read in general because it not only makes me happy, it also calms me down. Keertana's reviews are just...fantastic. Really, there isn't much I can say except that you need to read one review and tell me you aren't in awe of this girl. Some reviews I've loved: How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr and This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales and some great discussions like Self Discover in Films: Looking for Alibrandi and Center Stage and Time Management (one of my favorites actually!)

Alexa Loves Books

I'm not sure what to say about Alexa's blog. Not only is is Alexa's blog a mix of reviews of adult and young adult books (see a pattern yet?) but she has some of the best personal posts I've come across anywhere on the blogopshere. You can check out her Our Greatest Story, her post about her beautiful wedding. And it was On Death and Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda that made me cry because not only was it personal, it really made me thankful for all that I have. For me, while I love reading reviews, I also like getting to know the blogger behind the blog. She also have a great feature called The Monday Mix where she links all sorts of posts from around the blogosphere. 

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