Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Adult Is My Escape

It's no surprise that I've written about my dislike for new adult, the new "genre" (is it actually a genre now? I have no idea) that is emerging in the book world. It's supposed to be the bridge between YA and Adult books but I've stayed away from them. I rarely read an NA book and I never searched/read reviews for them.

That is until I got to college.

That's not to say that I like NA now or I think it should exist. I've mellowed out about it but I've still not joined the bandwagon. But if you're confused as to why I read NA books now, you have every right to be. Honestly, I was confused too. It made no sense to me at all. Why, after arriving in college, did I have this intense need to read NA books? Even books I simply didn't enjoy?
I'm just....boring. 
I realized that it was because things that happen in NA books will probably never happen in my life. For example, I will probably never agree to foreplay with some guy at a bar like in Foreplay by Sophie Jordan. I just wouldn't. I could never agree to be someone's fake girlfriend for a week (One Week Girlfriend) or ask some guy (or pay him actually) to be my boyfriend (Charade).

If I'm going to be honest, I love bad boys. Yep, it's true. I love them. I mean, what girl can resist the tall, dark, handsome, tattooed guy? Not many and I'm one of those girls. But I'm not the type of girl to go after the guy. Or you know, flirt. Or talk to them. Hell, I'd probably say something really random and awkward and just ruin all the fun.

I'd like to say that my life is like: 

But really, it's more like this:

So, yeah. New Adult? It's more like my sense of escape. I want to attract some hottie and have loads of sexual tension and all that fun stuff. But realistically, I'm not that kind of girl. I like Paris and strolls on the beach under moonlight. I like the single, red rose and the guy who plays a guitar. I love movies like Pride and Prejudice and Beauty and the Beast. 

I want that fun and that rush of excitement. I want some super tall, sexy guy to look only at me. But it's not likely to happen. Which, I guess, is where the books come in. After all, a girl can dream right? 

What about you all? Do any of you have books or certain genres that act like an escape for you? Sometimes it's fun to put yourself in the place of the heroine and imagine that you're the one being pursued by the bad boy, right? Especially, like me, if you're so awaked people use the word "awkward" to help pronounce your name. 

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