Sunday, January 04, 2015

2015 Challenges

This post is going to have all of the challenges I plan on participating in this year! I'll have update posts throughout the year but this is basically for the sign ups!


In 2012, I created this challenge to read a list of classic books by the time Spring 2017 came around. I didn't really keep up with it but I plan on changing that this year! I absolutely love reading classics and this was a great challenge back then for me to make an effort to read more of them. I'm hoping that I can get at least 1 classic a month, if not more!

Remember when I created this challenge for myself way back in 2012? Well, I'm bringing this back too! I created a new image because the one from 2012 was boring and old...and just looked bad. I didn't really do well in the graphics area back then. While I would love a lot of diversity in YA books, I think that all books should become diverse!  

Hosted by Alexa and Rachel 
A challenge to read fantasy books?! Yes, please! As you all might or might not know, I love fantasy novels and I read a lot in 2014. I hope to do the same in 2015 and I think this might help me do it! I'm going to shoot for 24 fantasy books for this year so basically one per month. It's a low number but I plan on reading a lot of other genres as well and some re-reads! 

Hosted by Hannah and Kelly 
I actually made a separate post for this one already but I LOVE re-reading books so of course I had to sign up for this one!  

Hosted by Brittany 
The second I found out that this challenge existed, I signed right up (well, this is my sign up post but you know what I mean). I LOVE my planner and (attempting) to get organized! This challenge runs from January to June and each month has a theme! You can read more about that in detail here but basically, this challenge isn't about scheduling everything but having more of a game plan (as Brittany says on her post) and I love that. I think this will give me enough structure to keep up with my blog but enough to allow me to be free to try and do new things! 

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