Sunday, January 04, 2015

Hello, 2015

How it is already 2015 is blowing my mind. How is this year already here?! For me, 2015 has a big milestone for me: I turned 20 and officially left behind my teenage years. Since my birthday was on the 2nd, the idea that I'd been on this planet for TWO DECADES made this reflection time even more special. I've come to the conclusion that this year, I want it to be the year that I do what I want and not have any regrets that I didn't do something.

Just read

Even though I did create a Goodreads challenge, I want to read for myself more than anything. Of course I'm going to have review books here and there, but this year, I want to re-read as many books as I want or take as long as I want to read a book. 

Blog for myself 

Notice I said blog and not book blog! The thing is, last year I began a personal blog that I didn't update as much as I would have liked but this year, I will change that! I want that blog and this blog to grow and change and become something new. 

Life my life

This sounds so simple and honestly, you would think that it would be. But I have anxiety and I tend to over think EVERYTHING. This year, however, I just want to enjoy life. I want to walk around my university and the town and see the wonders around me. I want to visit Charlotte more often and just enjoy being in a city.

Be happy

I want to smile everyday and truly, truly be happy. I remember being on Twitter on New Years and I found this picture that said simply "Are you happy?" The answer at that time for me was no, I wasn't happy. But in the future, I want that answer to change. Of course I won't be happy all the time, every time, but I want to be able to find peace in the things I can't change or that don't go my way. 

Love myself

Some things that happened last year made me truly reflect on how I see myself and how I want to see myself. There are major changes I want to make that I think will help me get to a good place in my life. 

Love others

I want to show the people I care about them that I do indeed love them. I want to build and strengthen my relationships with the people in my life. 

Do something new

Or something scary. Or Something exciting. Or something unordinary. Just something. 

And that's it! I know that this list isn't long at all and that's how I wanted it. I think that having too many expectations isn't a good thing. Too often, when we're let down, we let that bother us far too much. So this year, I want to focus on the little things as mentioned about. I want to make 2015 my year! 

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