Monday, May 25, 2015

Diversify YA Discussions

So way back in 2012, I challenged myself to read a certain list of books, one every day, and then create another list once I had read everything on that. Turns out, I failed miserably at that challenge: not only did I not read any books from that list that year, I still haven't read any of the books from the list! While I do plan on going back on that challenge soon, after much thought, I came up with another idea for this blog.

3 books from the original challenge, all of which I have yet to read! 

While I appreciate all of the talk that is going on around diversifying books, such as the amazing We Need Diverse Books campaign started last year, there are still lots of discussions I want to have. But instead of venting about such discussions on Twitter and not getting anything done, I've decided to create the Diversify YA Discussions feature on this blog! Maybe once a week or every two weeks I'll post about aspects of diversity I think we need to have more conversations about!

I really hope I can shed some light on some issues that are especially close to my heart. I hope you all come along for the ride! 

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