Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Among the Shelves: Introduction

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To say that I am super excited for this new feature would be an understatement! In an attempt to control my TBR, find new books to read and utilize my personal and public library more, and just become even more well rounded reader, I've come up with a way for me to do so! 

Ever week, I've decided that I'm going to pick a book that I haven't read from my personal library, read it and review it for you guys! I think this is going to be a lot of fun and I'm really, really excited to see what I come up with. However, there are going to be some...criteria from which I get my books:

1) All books chosen have to be RANDOMLY chosen. None of these books can be ones I've read before. Basically I'm going to scour the shelves to find a book that looks interesting, read the synopsis and if my mood strikes it, I'll pick it up! 

2) I know pretty much all of the books I own (at least I think I do...this could very well not be the case because I have the world's worst memory) so I'm going to make this as random as possible! 

3) Choose two books per week in case 

1) I finish the book and 

2) I'm not liking that books 

4) Go with my gut on any books I choose. I want this to be as fun as possible.  

I'm really, really excited about this new feature and I can't wait to see what books I find. I think that with so many new books coming out everyday, we lose track of some of the older books that have been around for a lot longer. 

How this is going to work: 

Every Sunday I'm going to pick two books from either my personal library or public library. I'm very fortunate that my public library have e-books to check out so I don't actually have to go to the library which helps tremendously. 

I'm going to start doing "Hey, it's Monday! What are you reading?" posts again and both books will be featured on that post. 

Friday and/or Saturday will be when my reviews will be posted for the books! Other reviews, discussions, features and memes will be posted Monday-Thursday! 

So for this week, I've got these two books: 

I have no idea if I'm going to like either but I've had them on my shelves FOR EVER! If I end up reading both, I'll have the reviews next week! 

So, what do you all think? Does this sound like a good feature? I'm really excited to show case some older books on this blog and I hope you're excited to be a part of this ride!

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