Friday, July 03, 2015

Movie Review: Jurassic World

Release Date: June 12, 2015 
Director: Colin Trevorrow 
Chris Pratt as Owen 
Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire 
Ty Simpkins as Gray
Nick Robinson as Zach 


Honestly, I wasn't going to watch this movie in theaters. While I loved Jurassic Park and liked the next two sequels well enough, I wasn't as interested in seeing Jurassic World in theaters. Seeing it on DVD would have sufficed because Hollywood, in my opinion, is just making sequels left and right because they've got no new ideas BUT my younger brother wanted to see this movie and my parents didn't want him to go alone. So, I bought the popcorn (we all know that movie theater popcorn is the best EVER) and the drinks and sat down to be sorely disappointed. And now I'm here today to tell you guys that I actually enjoyed the movie!

I read in some review of the movie that this movie was the closet to an actual sequel Jurassic Park has actually had and after seeing Jurassic Park yesterday, I have to agree. The one thing that review (I'll see if I can find it) and I agreed on completely was that the best part of this entire movie was the actual park itself. In JP, John Hammond's dream was to see the park and in JW, that dream was achieved. The amazing arial views, the attractions, and the CGI were absolutely amazing in showing how Hammond's dream would look in reality. Frankly, I LOVED the world and yes, I realize that it's not realistic in any way, I couldn't help but want to go to Jurassic World. Obviously without the killer dinosaur on the loose but still.

But I found some things to be problematic. First of all, JW wasn't a science fiction movie at all. While it dabbled in science and paleontology, it only touched the surface and I honestly wanted more science. But I could have put that aside--the Indominus rex is a newly minted dinosaur--to enjoy this movie but as a die hard fan of Jurassic Park, I couldn't help but want more science.

Second, the idea that to keep people coming back to Jurassic World the people would need to unveil new attraction to the park and in this case, a new dinosaur, was ridiculous. This is a park with dinosaurs. You think people won't keep coming back? I think the money hungry, corporate sponsorship chasers of this movie made me apathetic to what happens to the people.

And I should talk about the people because in all honestly, I kinda liked them. Ty Simpkins as Gray and Nick Robinson as Zach were excellent at portraying their characters: Simpkins as the younger sibling that loves the dinosaurs and wants to explore everything and Robinson as the older, "I'm too cool to be here so I'm just going to stare at all the teenage girls here because I'm a teenage boy and that's what we do." Simpkins was my favorite character along with Chris Pratt's Owen while Robinson's character annoyed me to no end. He went somewhere people would do just about anything to go to and he almost wasted it.

As I said, Chris Pratt's Owen, the charismatic, ex-military hero of the movie (the Dr. Alan Grant of this movie) with a side of comic relief was one of my favorites overall. He was adorable and it seemed to be the only one who had a brain--he wasn't too keen about the fact that the scientist at JW went and created a whole new dinosaur--made this movie a lot more fun. Bryce Dallas Howard's character Claire (Gray and Zach's aunt who they come to see in this movie) is the woman running JW and I kinda liked her character. She was a little too cold, snippy, and blind for my liking. It's not that I have anything against strong female characters but I kinda wished she'd evacuated the people of the island before the new dinosaur could hurt any more people. It's not like the park was going to be re-opened after the Indominus rex got out. However, I should mention that I LOVE Jake Johnson's Lowery; he's kind of the tech geek making sure the park is safe and he was absolutely adorable.

Overall, I liked Jurassic World as an entertaining movie with amazing visuals, some compelling characters but not much else. While it can't live up to its predecessor Jurassic Park, I think that if you're out looking for something fun to watch, Jurassic World is a great choice. Like I said, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie but of course there were a few problems. Of course I'm probably being super tough on this movie and there are plenty of people who love it (just look at how week it's doing at the box-office) but it was more of a mediocre movie for me. 

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