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Seasons Readings: Springing into Books

Summer shines, Spring blossoms, Winter glistens and Autumn crunches. Seasons affect our lives constantly. As part of Nori’s Book Blogger Creativity Project #BBCreativityProject, the Hot Pink Team are celebrating and honouring the seasons with some special book posts over the next month.

Before I start my post I’d like to introduce you to the Hot Pink Team: Brittany from The Book Addict’s Guide, Debbie from Silk Serif, Erica from Escape Under the Cover, Kj from Birds that Love Words, Let from Other Side of Ordinary, Maggie from The Novel Orange, Nori from Read Write Love, Orchid from The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia, and Veronica from Grounded Wanderlust.

We have all worked really hard and hope you enjoy what we have created.

Spring is hands down one of my two favorite seasons (the other being fall!) so when the Hot Pink team decided to do seasons, I was super happy with the choice! When I was thinking about what I wanted to do, I was talking to a friend about flowers and what they meant! So, I thought I could take flowers and their meanings and give some book recommendations for them!

When I was coming up with books to recommend, I came up with two different topics I seem to look for the most in books: friendship and romance/love. So for now, those are the two I'm going to give recommendations for!

Friendship is incredibly important to me and I LOVE reading about friends or people becoming friends. I've spent so many years of my life looking for those friends that I would have for the rest of my life and it's a bigger struggler than I ever anticipated. 

Alstroemeria                          Yellow Rose                


Breadcrumbs was one of the first books that came to mind when I thought about this topic! A girl who travels to the ends of the world for her best friend? Heck yes! 
Liesl & Po was an excellent story and I loved the uniqueness of it! 
Where the Red Fern Grows going a little old school for the next few but I LOVED and hated this story when I was younger. I sobbed like it was no ones business. 
Shiloh Ah, obviously. 
Because of Winn Dixie  wasn't this the epitome of a friendship between a child and her or her best friend, even if its a dog? 


Just Visiting is one of the most recnt read for me but I really connected to it! 
Open Road Summer is basically about two girls and their friendship and how their future will change. 
 Welcome Caller this is Chloe is an older read and one I wish more people read! I loved seeing the different people Chloe became friends with! 
Emmy & Oliver really showed how a connection between two people can't be broke by time or place.  
Code Name Verity is all about strong female friendships and one of my all time favorite books. PLEASE read it! 
 Harry Potter Series do I need to explain? 
Vampire Academy Series  the connect that Rose and Lissa have is unexplainable but they're always there for each other no matter what! 

I am all about the romance/love stories guys. The die-hard romantic in me loves reading romances and books that have swoony relationships in them. There is something so wonderful to me about seeing two people fall for each other. The more tension in the beginning the better! 

Red Rose


 The Crimson Crown has one of the best romances that develops throughout the series without making the books all about the romance. Plus, it's a fabulous fantasy series!
Audrey, Wait! was so cute! I remember reading this book and having the goofiest smile on my face.
The Truth About Forever WES WES WES WES
The Year of Secret Assignments SEB CHARLIE MATTHEW
Amy & Roger's Epic Detour ROGER ROGER ROGER ROGER


 The Re-Arranged Life has a interracial relationship between a white guy and an Indian American girl who is basically me! I don't remember the last time I've connected with a character!
Boomerang was so much fun! I loved seeing Mia and Ethan put their differences aside and fall for each other.


Again the Magic has some of my favorite topes when it comes to romance books! 
Secrets of a Summer Night Annabelle and Simon are two of my favorites in this series and I love how Simon has been in love with Annabelle for years! 
It Happened One Autumn Lillian and Marcus falling in love is basically how I want to fall in love: I want to have chemistry and lots of banter and fun with the man I love. 
Romancing the Duke is such a cute story! For me, I love that Izzy and Ransom have to get past their flaws to really be in love. 

And that's it for my post! I hope you all found new books to read that have friendships and romance in them!

The Language of Flowers and Flower Meanings  were used for the meanings! 

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