Sunday, January 03, 2016

In January I Resolve To...

I thought long and hard about making a resolutions list this year and I decided that this year, I wouldn't create one. But I love lists and making goals so I'm going to create a goals post for every month. This isn't like a TBR though! It won't be specific books I want to read or anything. I'm too much of a mood reader for that. Instead, it's going to be a small list of goals I want in each of the categories below that I want to accomplish in that month. I'll be updating this post at the end of the month with everything that has been done!  

1) Read 10 books! 
2) I've started and fallen in love with the Others series by Anne Bishop so I want to read the first 3 this month!
3) I want to get my hands on Truthwitch and Passenger so hopefully the library has them! 

1) Introduce my new feature on movies! 
2) Review at least 7 books 
3) Write up some discussions posts for this month! I want to publish at least three! 

1) Back to school crazy! I'm really excited about going back after almost a month of staying at home.  
2) Morning classes. I have 9:30am classes Monday through Thursday and I am not ready for this. 
3) Planning a gala for early February for one of the organizations I'm a part of. 
4) A new way of thinking: a post later this month is going to tell y'all more about how I'm going to try to have the best year possible! 

1) New podcasts! I've wanted to get into them for a while now and I think starting a habit in January would be the best thing to do! 
2) Hamilton soundtrack. I think it's about damn time I listen to this musical in full! 

1) Civic duty! Since it's election year and it's the first time I'll be able to vote, I'm going to keep up with what's happening in America. 

1) Finish my re-watch of Arrow, season 3 so I can start season 4
2) Watch Legends of Tomorrow 
4) Because of Twitter I've started Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and I'm very much in love. 

And that's about it for this month! I want to have reachable goals for each month and hopefully I can cross off every one of these this long my list! What about you all? Do you have anything you want to specifically get done this month?

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