Sunday, February 21, 2016

Love-a-Thon: An Invitation to Tea

Hosted by the fabulous Alexa of Alexa Love's Books, Cee of The Novel Hermit, Hazel of Stay Bookish and Mel of The Daily Prophecy!  

It's a tea party time! Something of note? I only like green tea. Being Indian, I'm used to making tea all the time for my family but I'm not a big fan. So in the spirit of the love-a-thon, I'm stepping outside of my comfort zone.

The setting: 

If I were to have a tea party, I would want it near water. There's soemthing about this setting that just speaks to me. It's so calming and beautiful. With the setting by a small body of water, I would want the table setting to be very chic. I love pale colors, especially pink and cream colors with a dash of color. While the table setting would be like the one above, the table cover would be a pale pink color and I love the tea cups.  

The food: 

I have to have cupcakes at my tea party. I understand that it's not normal to have cupcakes but since it's my tea part, I can do what I like. I'm also a big fan of sandwiches and scones so we'd have those there. The sandwiches would be unconventional and probably be Indian inspired or another type of cuisine you wouldn't think of. 

One Fictional Character: 

Lizzie Bennet but modern Lizzie! She's so feisty and independent and I would LOVE to have her over. Since neither of us are really into tea parties, I figured why not have her at an unconventional tea party?

Book Blogger: 

Keertana of Ivy Book Bindings! I've always wanted to meet her since I began reading her blog. She is an incredible writer and our thoughts generally align when it comes to books. I think having tea and cup cakes would be a great way to get to know her in person. 


Dahlia Adler because duh? She's so much much to talk to on Twitter and I love how vocal she is. I always appreciate how open she is about everything that has to do with books, in terms of representation and everything. 

So here's my tea party! What about you? Who would you want to have a tea party with? 

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