Saturday, May 14, 2016

I Dare You To...| The Unespectedly Epic Morgan Matsoon Week

I'm so excited for today's post! If you don't ready know, I love Morgan Matson's books! Even though I've only talked about Amy & Roger's Epic Detour on the blog, I have read all but two of her books! When Tiff of Mostly YA Lit created a week long event to celebrate Morgan's fabulous books, I wanted to get a dare!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create the perfect Morgan Matson Playlist. Have a fave song that just screams Morgan? Do you think of a certain song when you read her books? Do you have a song that would fit perfectly into a scene from one of her books? What are some songs that you think her characters would love? The theme of the playlist is totally up to you! Just make sure it's inspired by Morgan and her amazing books! Have fun!
While I was excited for this dare, I have to admit that I was also pretty worried. See, I don't listen to a lot of songs in English. My road trip songs include a mix of Hindi, English and occasionally Korean songs. Plus, in Amy & Roger, it was obvious that Morgan loves older music! I decided to go with a road trip themed playlist sing Amy & Roger is my favorite Matson novel!

1. Taylor Swift—22

I know that Morgan is a big fan of TSwift and there's just something about this song that screams Morgan's books to me! 

 Chuck Berry—Route 66

This is an older song I found during my research of good road trip songs. This was my first time hearing it and I can see why it's included in a lot of lists! 

3. I can do better than that—Spring Awakening

Morgan, from what I gathered, likes musicals and Amy and Roger have an entire playlist of musical numbers so I chose one I was familiar with! 

4. Elvis Presley—All Shook Up

So I had to choose a song from Elvis for Amy & Roger and their visit to Graceland.

5. Taylor Swift—Style

Another TSwift that we can ALL jam out to on a road trip! 

6. Rusted Root—Send Me On My Way

Ever since I heard this is Matida, I've been obsessed with this song. I think it fits in perfectly with a road trip song!

7. Tom Cochrane—Life is a Highway

I first head this song in Cars (Rascal Flats cover) and I didn't realize that Tom Cochrane did the original! Even though I would probably choose Rascal Flats cover, I wanted to give the original guy some credit! 

8. Taylor Swift—New Romantics

This is one of my favorites on 1989 so I had to add this on the list!

9. Vanessa Carlton—A Thousand Miles

You have to have some angst filled songs and I think this one fits the bill! 

10. Arcade Five—No Cars Go

I heard this for the first time when I looked through the book so I decided to add it to the list! 

11. Rihanna—Shut Up and Drive

Because you can't have a road trip without Rihanna. 

12. Ray Charles—Hit the Road Jack

I think this song is so much fun and it adds that older music vibe to the playlist!

So this is my list! Let me know what songs you'd add to your playlist! And if this was your dare, let me know! 

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